How To Watch The SpaceX Splashdown Online And On TV

Ruben Fields
August 2, 2020

United States astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken have undocked their Dragon Endeavour capsule from the space station to begin their return to Earth. "It certainly wouldn't be the first time that that's happened in a space vehicle".

However, a hurricane is due to hit Florida at the same time. "We've got the the flight surgeons on board that will be able to help us as well".

Doug Hurley said he'd read the reports from the time and discovered that astronauts could experience some nausea when bobbing about on the water waiting for recovery.

The US space agency said plans are moving forward to bring the astronauts home, with the splashdown expected to occur just off the coast of Florida. Within a few minutes, all that could be seen of the capsule was a pair of flashing lights against the black void of space. "And we won't leave the space station without some good landing opportunities in front of us, good splashdown weather in front of us".

A NASA spokesperson said Friday that officials are now aiming to land the capsule near Panama City - one of four potential splashdown sites in the Gulf that were preselected by NASA and SpaceX.

After a review of the latest forecast for the waters off the coast of Florida, and taking into account the seven possible splashdown locations, it has been chose to proceed with plans to bring astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley back to earth aboard the SpaceX Endeavor Crew Dragon this weekend, now targeting for the departure to occur at 7:34 p.m. EDT, Saturday, Aug. 1, with splashdown estimated at 2:42 p.m. on Sunday Aug. 2.

Their trip back to Earth is expected to take about 19 hours and they were expected to "splashdown" off the coast of Florida at 2:41pm.

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If successful, the return will be a major milestone for human spaceflight, marking the first time that NASA astronauts have traveled to and from space aboard a commercially built spacecraft. Their flight is the first time American astronauts have flown from the US since NASA's space shuttle program ended in 2011.

A tropical storm forming southeast of Florida remains the biggest risk for a potential delay in the crew's return, officials from the US space agency told reporters. NASA has seven possible landing sites off the Coast of Florida. These locations include zones off Pensacola, Tampa, Tallahassee, Panama City, Cape Canaveral, Daytona and Jacksonville.

NASA wants six weeks between the splashdown and the launch of the next Dragon crew, for capsule inspections and reviews. The first opens at 18,000 feet, then another set comes at 6,000 feet.

The SpaceX craft has two sets of parachute deployments.

After the spacecraft splashes down, a recovery ship with more than 40 NASA and SpaceX personnel onboard will rendezvous with the capsule and hoist it out of the water and onto the ship's main deck.

Immediately after undocking at 7:32 pm ET, the Crew Dragon's engines lit up twice in quick succession to thrust the capsule away from the space station. They arrived at the International Space Station the next day and have performed various vehicle checkout experiments and tests along with performing additional science experiments during their sixty plus day stay at the Station.

Years prior, NASA agreed to stop purchasing enough seats on the Russian Soyuz at the end of 2019 that Soyuz crew missions to Station would reduce from four to two per year - with those eliminated two flights being flown instead by the Commercial Crew vehicles of Dragon and Starliner.

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