Reni Santoni Dead at 81: Poppie on 'Seinfeld'

Brenda Watkins
August 5, 2020

Actor Reni Santoni, who joined forces with Clint Eastwood in "Dirty Harry" and Sylvester Stallone in "Cobra", and who depicted Poppie the pizza connoisseur professional in Seinfeld, has given up the ghost at 81.

Announcing the actor's demise, his close friend Tracy Newman took to Facebook and wrote, "Those of you who knew him know how amusing he was, what a terrific actor, improviser, performer, etc". All those of you who knew him know how amusing he was, what a terrific actor, improviser, performer, and so on. "So good. I beloved him very a lot and will miss him terribly". Yet another good one is long gone. I've a number of great footage of him, and will submit them over the following week. The movie helped launch his career. Among his dozens of film credits, the report lists: Inspector Chico González in Don Siegel's first "Dirty Harry" film, and 1983′s "Bad Boys", where Santoni played the role of a juvenile detention center official opposite Sean Penn.

Born in New York Metropolis, Santoni constructed his performing profession from off-Broadway theatre, starring in "The Umbrella" and "The Mad Present".

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Seinfeld star Reni Santoni has died aged 81. The film was adapted from the 1963-64 hit Broadway play that starred Alan Arkin in a Tony-winning performance; that in turn was based on Reiner's 1958 book.

He also appeared alongside Sandra Bullock in the 2000 movie "28 Days", and his final film role came in 2009 independent "Irene in Time".

Prior to his relationship with Betty, Reni was married to actress and stage director Lisa James.

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