Apex Legends Season 6 Launch Trailer Teases New Legend Rampart

Brenda Watkins
August 7, 2020

Game company Respawn Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for Season 6 of popular battle royale video game Apex Legends.

Other changes coming in Apex Legends Season 6 include a crafting system, a new gun, ranked updates, a new Battle Pass, and more.

The Apex Legends Twitter account has been dropping not-so-subtle hints at upcoming new content for a few days now.

No set time has been announced but based on previous seasonal launches, we would expect Apex Legends Season 6 to have started by 8pm BST.

With every new season comes a new battle pass, but this season's is going to include a cosmetic we've never seen.

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While details are still a bit scarce at this time regarding what the crafting system will be like, we know that it will allow you to make something more to your liking.

The new season will also come with a new ranked season as usual, and so far, this is everything that's been revealed... but we aren't sure that this is all season 6 has to offer.

Build your rep and climb the rankings in the new Ranked Season! This season is none other than Rampart, a character we have heard a lot about in the past.

Our new weapon is the Volt SMG, which originates in the Titanfall series. Respawn didn't go into specifics, but they're building hype for when they finally do. Electronic Arts and Respawn introduced throughout EA Play Live 2020 that Apex Legends is getting cross-play this fall, which means it is possible for you to to play the game with friends throughout all platforms the game is on the market on. In another spot in the trailer, we can see the massive turret that Rampart wields that she has lovingly named Sheila. In one section, Bangalore shoots through a shield wall, likely deployed by Rampart.

As for the other abilities, there are some leaks that detail what Rampart could possess. She is called Rampart and she brings with her Sheila this coming August 18.

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