Doom Eternal And Elder Scrolls Online Are Getting Next-Gen Ports

Ruben Fields
August 9, 2020

We also get to see some bosses that look rather nasty and that we have already seen with the most recent gameplay reveal a few weeks ago.

You can enjoy the trailer below.

"The Ancient Gods, Part One" is the new campaign revealed for DOOM Eternal, and it seems that the Doom Slayer will be personally asked by, well, the ancient gods to help them defeat the demons from Hell. "With the demons in control, you understand the threat they pose to all my creations". The next shots show architecture that appears to be from Urdak - the "Heaven" area featured in Doom Eternal's base campaign.

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While you may have helped to snatch back humanity from the jaws of total extinction, the cost has been a shift in the balance of power, prompting the "true ruler" of the universe to arise and set about setting things right. Geoff Keighley dropped the news on his Twitter today. For now, you can buy DOOM Eternal on Steam for 50% off until August 11, 2020, as part of the Quakecon Sale.

Presumably, we'll get the first DOOM Eternal DLC release date at the end of the full trailer. Other DOOM games and iD titles are also available at a discount, so don't pass up on this opportunity!

Titled The Ancient Gods, the Doom Slayer has a mandate from, umm, The Ancient Gods to restore order to their world.

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