Bill Gates thinks buying TikTok is a risky move for Microsoft

Daniel Fowler
August 10, 2020

But yes, it's a poison chalice.

"Having Trump kill off the only competitor, it's pretty weird", he emphasized.

Visit Enterprise Insider's homepage for much more tales. "Being big in the social media business is no simple game, like the encryption issue".

This isn't new - Gates hasn't been afraid to speak out about the U.S. response to the virus, telling CNN the high number of coronavirus cases in the USA is due to lack of testing and contact tracing, as well as resistance to wear face masks.

The irony of such a deal shouldn't be lost on longtime tech watchers, who will remember that Twitter had the opportunity to become TikTok if it hadn't killed the short form video streaming service, Vine.

When asked if he is wary of Microsoft getting into the social media game, Gates suggested that the software giant's entry will give Facebook more competition which is "probably a good thing".

"I signify, this may well sound self-serving, but I imagine that the activity staying extra aggressive is most likely a great matter". However, he added that it was very odd that Trump tried to kill a single opponent.

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In order to make the ballot, West had to submit 2,500 signatures, but Friday's hearing officer only recorded 1,200 signatures. When asked how he felt about West's participation in the 2020 election, Trump replied , "I like him".

Microsoft is now in talks with ByteDance to purchase its USA operations.

Last week, Trump said that Chinese apps, including TikTok and WeChat, will be banned in the USA over security and privacy concerns.

In response, the billionaire said, "I agree that the principle this is proceeding on is singly unusual".

The Microsoft co-founder said experts disagree about how much greenhouse gas emissions will decrease this year, although the International Energy Agency estimates an approximately 8% decline. The cut thing, that's doubly odd.

However, the order has not come into effect yet; it will be imposed 45 days after the signing date, which is just around Microsoft's deadline to complete purchase discussions for TikTok US. The United States government is also involved in the talks, with President Donald Trump emphasizing that unless a takeover deal is decided, TikTok would just be banned in the United States.

The president claimed that the app could "allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans' personal and proprietary information".

On Saturday, NPR reported that "a individual who was directly included in the forthcoming accommodate but was not licensed to converse for the firm" stated that TikTok planned to sue the Trump administration as early as Tuesday.

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