Voters need to stick to one party in primary election

Ruben Fields
August 10, 2020

Election supervisors recommend voters get ballots in the mail by Tuesday.

Any request for a mail-in ballot is due by 5 p.m. October 29.

So far, there's not much reason for confidence.

While Goldfarb did state that the Bernalillo County clerk will be mailing absentee ballots to every registered voter, the new USPS policies could potentially leave thousands of votes unaccounted for. That was out of a total of almost 319,000 mail-in ballots, which means about 21 percent of all mail-in ballots were invalidated.

The Virginia Department of Elections notifies residents of a recently mailed absentee ballot applications from an organization that the department has no affiliation to.

Missing deadlines is turning out to be a real problem.

While the number of rejected ballots in the primary made up 1.3 percent of the entire mail-in ballots for the March primary, Florida's long history with elections won by extremely close margins means that even the smallest percentages of rejected ballots can impact the outcome. In Virginia, for example, more than 5.6 percent of all primary mail-in ballots were thrown out for arriving after the deadline.

We urge voters to vote the ballot mailed to them and return it to one of the 60-plus secure drop boxes located through the county.

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Guy Cecil, the Chairman of Priorities USA, explained in a press release that "The settlement establishes a set of commitments by Florida election officials to expand voting rights and opportunities across the state, but there is more work to do and we will continue to challenge the state of Florida and to fight the anti-voting rights Republican National Committee to make sure everyone can vote in November". While election officials can not control the postal service, election officials do control the drop boxes.

"And I think they will create a situation - they could easily create a situation where there's going to be a contested election", Barr continued.

DeJoy's efforts to manage these losses, which include a hiring freeze for leadership positions announced last week, have been denounced by Democrats who sound increasingly like conspiracy theorists. Election judges earn a stipend of up to $300 for their service answering democracy's call.

President Donald Trump suggested on Twitter that the general election should be delayed.

But to the extent the Postal Service has a political bias, it certainly isn't DeJoy's fault-and in fact, it goes in the other direction.

"A lot of people are saying, 'Why are we doing this?"

That's not to say there's a conspiracy in the other direction, that Postal Service workers are going to mishandle mail-in ballots on objective to hurt Trump. "The states and localities are going to incur huge extra expenses this year in order to have the kind of ramped-up absentee voting program that the voters are demanding, but also to provide for safe in-person voting for those voters who choose to vote this way".

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