Israel makes $1.5m gold and diamond coronavirus mask

Clay Curtis
August 13, 2020

Face mask are not quite expensive, but a wealthy businessman has raised the bar after commissioning what should be the most expensive face mask in the world today.

Art rather than ostentation is the rationale behind the world's most expensive coronavirus mask, say the Israeli jewelers who are crafting the $1.5 million object for an unnamed US -based client.

But the new $1.5 million worth 18-karat white gold mask, which is made with white and black diamonds, is apparently helpful as it is fitted with top-rated N-99 filters as the buyer requested. That last condition, he said, was the easiest to meet.

The designer and owner of the jewellers Isaac Levy said the client in China gave him three specific criteria that needed to be met with the mask.

He refused to identify the buyer.

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Face mask fashion has exploded over the past few months as the protective gear is now a must in many countries, specifically in public places and workplaces. But at 270 grams (over half a pound) - almost 100 times that of a typical surgical mask - it is not likely to be a practical accessory to wear.

During an interview with Levy at his factory, which is located near Jerusalem, the man showed off a number of pieces of the mask that were covered in diamonds and gold.

"Money maybe doesn't buy everything, but if it can buy a very expensive COVID-19 mask, and the guy wants to wear it and walk around and get the attention, he should be happy with that", said the store owner.

Such a flashy mask could rub in the wrong direction at a time when millions of people around the world are unemployed or economically suffering.

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