Facebook pushes back against Apple’s App Store fees

Ruben Fields
September 15, 2020

The question is, who's going to blink? Consumers have filed suit alleging Apple's practices raise software prices. It is believed by the analyst that games are the biggest contributor to spending inside the App Store, which in turn is the largest component of Apple's $46.3 billion-per-year services segment.

Can You Still Play Fortnite on Android Gadgets? In the case against Apple specifically, Sweeney argues that Epic is "fighting for the freedom of people who bought smartphones to install apps from sources of their choosing, the freedom for creators of apps to distribute them as they choose, and the freedom of both groups to do business directly". When purchasing items or V-bucks in Fortnite Mobile, players can now choose between the built-in payment system and a new Epic direct payment, which links out to the Epic Store. That gets Epic 10 percent more money from each transaction even with the discount. At that point, why keep the game around at all? That seems to be Epic's thinking - it's nearly daring the companies to kick Fortnite out of their respective stores.

This plan could backfire for Epic, though. Facebook says that iOS users will not be able to benefit from this feature as much as expected due to Apple's 30 percent commission, which is burdening business owners.

Epic also made it clear that this direct payment method is just as safe as other alternatives.

"Epic's lawsuit against Google accuses the tech giant of abandoning its idealistic roots and says Android's claim that it's an open ecosystem is a 'broken promise", they add.

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Fortnite, one of the very popular games once available on Google Play Store, will not be seen now. That could change at any time, though.

Update: It appears Apple has called Epic's bluff.

Apple "said it will work with Epic to help bring Fortnite back to the App Store", Brett Molina and Mike Snider write for USA Today. Here is Apple's statement. And haven't most folks moved on from Fortnite?

According to Epic Games, a deal was in place between them and OnePlus to create a special pre-installed Fortnite launcher that would allow for the bypass of downloading from Google Play, but Google forced OnePlus to renege on the deal. She then explained that "The reason we're calling them [Apple] out here is we hope they join us and end up waving their fees, so that's really the goal here".

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