Taylor Swift's Probable Movie Around "The Last Great American Dynasty"

Brenda Watkins
September 15, 2020

The handsome stories in each song make you weep tears of joy and bliss.

Actor couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively also responded to the tweet. Rebekah is a real person who was once the house owner of the current home Taylor Swift lives in now. She was also an extraordinary woman who was a music artist as well.

Rebekah was a divorcée who ended up marrying William "Bill" Hale Harkness.

And the town said "How did a middle class divorcée do it?" Rebekah was also the first owner of Swift's Rhode Island mansion. The renovations are a bit insane because she ends up having 21 bathrooms in the house! It's reported she stole her neighbour's cat and dyed it green.

A number of fans appeared to be pretty keen on the Taylor Swift-inspired movie idea. "'The Last Great American Dynasty' would make an incredible movie", they wrote on Twitter.

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We assume that tweet has now been DM'ed to every Great Gatsby fan alive, Baz Luhrmann this is your moment! "I painted Ryan key lime green".

In the song, the socialite, Rebekah, is left a wealthy widow after her oil tycoon husband, Bill, dies of a heart attack. But hey, he doesn't seem against the idea.

Not a month goes by without one or the other mocking their spouse, be it by using an nearly (they are, Blake and Ryan, after all) unflattering photo of each other as birthday tributes, Lively tagging the wrong famous Ryan in an Instagram tribute or teasing one another for promoting their respective business ventures on social media. Twitter users are supportive of Swift helming "The Last Great American Dynasty" movie.

"As for the cast: Blake Lively (Rebekah), Ryan Reynolds (Bill), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (neighbor)", the fan continued. In Swift's other folklore song, 'Betty' she names the characters after the celeb couple's three children. And they were right! Let us just wait and see how this idea would develop. Because let's face it, every Taylor Swift fan in existence would watch it as soon as it hits!

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