WHO reports record one-day rise in global coronavirus cases

Clay Curtis
September 17, 2020

Deaths rose by 5,537 to a total of 917,417.

Worldwide there have actually been more than 28 million verified cases, half of which have actually been in the Americas.

Where are cases rising most steeply?

India leads the world in new cases reported each day and set a global record last week with 97,570 cases reported in a single day, according to a Reuters tally.

The biggest increases were from India, the United States and Brazil, according to the agency's website.

India has the second largest number of confirmed cases in the world, behind the US.

The World Health Organisation says 307,930 confirmed infections were reported over 24 hours. The death toll has topped 1,000 every day since the beginning of September.

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A RECORD rise in global coronavirus cases has been recorded, with 307,930 diagnosed on Sunday. It has the greatest variety of deaths in Latin America, with about 131,000 up until now. India now has 4.8 million cases, second worldwide only to the USA with its 6.4 million cases. It can be seen that these cases have increased by around 84 percent compared to July. Since then, cases of the novel coronavirus - named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization - have been reported in every corner of the globe, including Russian Federation.

Many countries in Europe have recently re-implemented tough measures to control the spread of coronavirus as in the past weeks there was a rise in infections although the number of deaths has remained stable.

Local lockdowns have been imposed in the worst-affected regions, and there have been renewed appeals for people to wear face coverings and follow social distancing rules.

"In a number of countries we see that the politics overwrite the scientists and also in a number of other countries we see that people are doubting the science, that's very unsafe", Kluge said.

On Sunday, police in the Australian state of Victoria arrested more than 70 protesters for flouting stay-at-home orders.

Over 308,000 new coronavirus cases were reported on Sunday.

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