PS5 to consistently outsell Xbox Series across next five years globally

Ruben Fields
September 18, 2020

For others in a different situation, it might well make sense, but for us it doesn't.

PlayStation 5 is expected to launch on Thursday the 12th of November in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea; worldwide release on Thursday the 19th of November.

But Microsoft is shifting its business to rely less on physical console sales, seeking to attract more casual game players into its ecosystem by bolstering its popular subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, which has over 10 million users. Both versions of the PS5 have the same CPU and GPU, but the Xbox Series S is much less powerful than its bigger sibling.

Our pitch, as you've heard, is 'new games, great games.' We have had this conversation before-we are not going to go down the road of putting new releases titles into a subscription model.

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In regards to the games that are now available on the PlayStation 4, Ryan also has some uplifting news to share; revealng that of the massive library of titles tested for forwards compatibility, a massive "99 percent" can be played on the PlayStation 5. The spread of the coronavirus "reinforced [our understanding] that the best price point was important", Ryan added. He said that the digital PS5 could also attract mobile gamers with its lower price and reach "a casual audience that we have never been able to".

Speaking to The Washington Post, Ryan also discussed Sony's new PS Plus Collection, which will offer "18 PS4 first-party titles for download to subscribers to the PlayStation online service".

PS5 launch games will have an RRP of £69.99 in the United Kingdom and €79.99 in Europe, compared to $69.99 in the US.

He also notes that Sony has made a number of moves to combat Microsoft's strategy, which includes the cheaper XSS and Game Pass, as an attractive bundle.

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