Ginsburg death brings Abortion rights urgency to U.S. election

Daniel Fowler
September 22, 2020

PFEIFFER: Large crowds are expected to line up to pay respects to the late justice. "And they don't want to have somebody" be reluctant about Trump's pick. There will be a formal ceremony at the Capitol on Friday limited to invited guests.

Mr. Trump's announcement would come before Ginsburg is due to be buried privately at Arlington National Cemetery next week. NPR's White House reporter Ayesha Rascoe joins us now. He says he will choose between five female candidates. At the time, Trump told confidants he was saving Barrett for Ginsburgs seat. According to reports, Barret is also considered to have an advantage because she previously underwent the vetting process.

Reacting to the decision by two Republican senators - Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska - to oppose holding a confirmation vote before the election, Trump said that Collins is "very badly hurt by her statement" in her re-election race.

Trump said he would wait to announce his nominee until after memorial services have been completed, but that he would move full speed ahead afterwards.

Media sources outlined, however, that Lagoa comes second after Barret, with Bloomberg alleging that Trump "expressed scepticism" over her conservative credentials, since she drew 27 Democratic votes when appointed at the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. She was confirmed 80-15.

Analysts say that a Supreme Court nomination saga could also shift attention away from the coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed almost 200,000 Americans.

The president mentioned Amy Coney Barrett by name, along with Barbara Lagoa, as he spoke to reporters before boarding his Marine One helicopter on the South Lawn. One official pushing that perspective is White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who has been meticulously sussing out the political ramifications of each potential nominee.

Without committing to a vote before the election, McConnell made clear he thinks there's plenty of time to confirm a Trump nominee before year's end.

"They say it's the most important thing a president can do", Trump added, as his faithful chanted in agreement: "Fill that seat!"

He laid into McConnell, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham and other Republicans for reversing position on filling a court seat in an election year after not allowing a vote on President Barack Obama's nominee Merrick Garland in 2016.

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Monroe County was one of several in MI that voted twice for Barack Obama but flipped to Trump, helping him narrowly carry the state and propel him to a 2016 shock win.

The president, in his Monday afternoon remarks to reporters, called on the Republican- controlled Senate to vote on confirmation before the November 3 election.

All eyes are on Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who was famously the only Republican to vote in favour of removing Mr Trump from office during his impeachment trial earlier this year.

But Democrats' hope of keeping Ginsburg's seat empty took a hit on Monday when Chuck Grassley, a Republican senator from Iowa, signaled his support for moving forward quickly.

Behind in the polls against Democratic opponent Joe Biden and widely criticised for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump is seizing on the sudden vacancy on the country's highest court as a way to change the subject and super-charge his right-wing base. And Collins is in a - kind of a tough position.

Her 30-year-old daughter Becky Nowicki, an insurance producer, is a fervent Trump supporter but broke with her mother when asked if she felt the issue could turn the election against him. A spokeswoman for the senator said he will not say anything publicly until at least Tuesday afternoon, after he meets for lunch with other Senate Republicans and hears their views. There's only one way - one way for us to have some hope of coming together again, trusting each other again lowering the temperature - moving forward - and that is for four courageous Senate Republicans to commit to rejecting any nominee until the next president is installed.

And it's unclear whether there are others.

Under America's judicial system, it is the President's job to nominate Justices for the Supreme Court, and the Senate's job to confirm them.

PFEIFFER: Right. A lot of pressure on those possible holdouts in the Republican Party.

Barrett has other powerful backers within the White House, with counsel Pat Cipollone among her boosters and Vice President Pence - who, like Barrett, hails from IN - advocating for her internally.

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