Arms Depot Of Iran-backed Hezbollah Explodes In Lebanon, Source Says

Clay Curtis
September 23, 2020

Earlier, security sources said there were injuries in the blast.

An explosion in a south Lebanon village on September 22 was at a Hezbollah arms depot, the Daily Star and several other local sources said.

Several people were reported wounded. Since then, the Iran-backed militant group is believed to have expanded its arsenal, amassing tens of thousands of rockets and missiles that can hit virtually anywhere in Israel.

The explosion on Tuesday rocked a village in the country's south, an area which is a Hezbollah stronghold.

"The explosion that occurred in a house in the town of Ain Qana...coincided with the intensive flight of hostile Israeli military and espionage aircraft, which had not left the airspace of Nabatiyeh and Iqlim al-Tuffah since the morning", the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

A Hezbollah civil defense ambulance passes on a road that leads to the site of an explosion that rocked a Hezbollah stronghold

Lebanese broadcaster Al-Jadeed said the Shia movement had imposed a security cordon around the site.

The site was being used to store unexploded munitions, reports said.

Israel violates Lebanese air space on an nearly daily basis, and its aircraft have flown particularly low over many areas in the past few days. Damage was shown in an adjacent house where the floor was covered in glass and what appeared to be a pool of blood.

Lebanon suffered a massive explosion in August that devastated its capital Beirut.

It is still not clear what caused the initial fire that ignited the chemicals, and so far no one has been held accountable. Most Lebanese TV networks gave the explosion in Ein Qana wall-to-wall coverage, with experts and analysis on call to speculate about its source.

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