China Air Force Video Reportedly Shows Simulated Attack on US Air Base

Brenda Watkins
September 23, 2020

The Pacific island of Guam is home to key USA military facilities and would prove vital in any regional conflict.

But social media users quickly noticed that the video's most dramatic scenes appeared to have been taken from the films Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Rock and Hurt Locker.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) posted a video to Weibo over the weekend touting the capabilities of its H-6K bombers. The video includes satellite images that look exactly like Guam's Andersen Air Force Base as the target of missiles fired by a Chinese bomber pilot.

Collin Koh, a research fellow from Singapore's Insitute of Defense and Strategic Studies, told Reuters that the video is a warning to the us that "even supposedly safe, rearward positions such as Guam may come under threat when conflicts over regional flashpoints, be it Taiwan or South China Sea erupt".

China is secured using the a power struggle over mining, technologies, commerce, contested waters and also the standing of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In 2015, China's leading media regulator advised a crackdown on "poorly made" war dramas, and filmmakers were criticised for utilizing superhuman and impractical plots to inform stories about China's real-life wars.

"It was that our fantasy of wonderful energy was pieced together by posting American movie clips", said one consumer. Added yet another, while a third said:"It is our state's promotional movie, why not we use our own pictures?"

US military planes parked on the tarmac of Andersen Air Force base on the island of Guam a US Pacific Territory in 2017. China is locked with the US in a power struggle over defence technology trade disputed seas and the status of Hong Kong and

As reported by the South China Morning Post, the Chinese military's propaganda department often steals from Hollywood movies to bolster its fake video production.

In just two days last week, the Chinese military conducted 37 sorties involving fighter jets, bombers, and other aircraft that saw planes crossing the midline of the Taiwan Strait and crossing into Taiwan's air defence identification zone.

The Pentagon says China already outstrips the USA in several areas of defence - claims Beijing furiously denies - and wants to double its stockpile of nuclear warheads. These are heavily redesigned models of the older Soviet Tupolev TU-16 twin-engine bombers that the Chinese have built under license.

China has recently increased its efforts on matters involving contested islands in the South China and East China Seas, and reinforced its demand that Taiwan be re-unified with the mainland country.

The island's defence ministry said it was facing a "high frequency of harassment and threat from the enemy's warships and aircraft" amid high tensions between Taipei and Beijing, which claims Taiwan as its own renegade territory.

The video, first spotted by Reuters, was released on Saturday on the People's Liberation Army Air Force Weibo account.

Beijing also ramped up its rhetoric today by warning the United States against helping Taiwan and saying that support for its independence was "doomed to fail".

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