Google Maps will soon show covid-19 outbreaks in your area

Ruben Fields
September 24, 2020

With Covid cases not ready to slow down, Google is also looking to help people by showing regions that are the most affected by the virus using Google Maps.

To help people access more accurate information on the KNOWN areas now affected by COVID-19 Google Maps has worked with data providers to introduce new COVID-19 data layers to Google Maps on Android and iOS. Now, Google is adding a layer that will display COVID-19 outbreak data.

The new feature comes in the heels of other coronavirus-related updates on the map, including crowd information, COVID-19 transit warnings and travel restrictions. It will also portray the increase or decrease in the number of cases through an arrow mark on the screen.

According to Google, trending case data is available across 220 countries supported by Maps.

Google Maps now shows you COVID-19 stats

Google will colour-code the information for each area to "distinguish the density of new cases in an area". This data includes state, county, and even city-level data where available.

Google will collect the data for the covid-19 cases in a particular area from different sources which will include Johns Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia.

If you are using Google Maps on your mobile you can see the layer choices in the app by clicking the icon to the upper right above the compass - it looks like one square of paper on top of another.

Google will add this feature as a layer in the Google Maps app. These sources get data from public health organizations like the World Health Organization, government health ministries, along with state and local health agencies and hospitals. These sources already power Covid-19 case information in Google's search engine. Google has also given its contribution now, with the new COVID layer feature.

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