Google reportedly plans to ban post-election day political ads

Clay Curtis
September 27, 2020

The ban forms part of Google's "sensitive events" policy, she said.

A spokeswoman for Google said the ban would be in place for a minimum of a week, but date of lifting the ban is not decided.

Google will not run any election-related ads after polls for the U.S. presidential election close on November 3rd, according to Axios.

The email tells advertisers that they should expect up to 48 hours for ad approvals and Google will no longer do expedited requests due to the expected volume of submissions.

The ban will apply to all ads on Google's ad-serving platforms, including its video-streaming service YouTube and Google Ads.

'It will include ads that are now in-scope of our election ads policy (mentioning a current state or federal officeholder or candidate, political party, or ballot measure), ads that reference federal or state elections within the ad, and any ads running on election-related search queries, including on candidates or officeholders, ' the email reads.

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Highly sought after swing states such as Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Pennsylvania all will accept postmarked ballots that arrive after polls close, so election night may not give voters a clear idea of the presidential victor, as in the past.

Facebook announced earlier this week that it also would suspend political ads following the election to prevent premature declarations of a victor.

Facebook announced Wednesday this week it will reject political ads that prematurely claim victory in the election but has not elaborated further.

Tech platforms are rushing to rewrite policies to ensure that campaign ads do not mislead voters. It also plans to ban political ads in the week before November 3.

Election Day is less than two months away.

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