Hidden 'Man Cave' Found Under New York's Grand Central Terminal

Daniel Fowler
September 27, 2020

Investigators from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said workers were seen - a wireman, a carpenter foreman and an electric foreman - using the secret brake room when they were supposed to work. The three employees have all received disciplinary charges and are now suspended without pay. The MTA suspended the employees without pay after it discovered their secret "man cave". "But few of them would have the nerve to take over a secret room below the Grand Central Station and make it a cave of their own, backed by MTA resources, and maintained at the expense of our passengers". There was a futon couch and a second cabinet that appeared to have been created to hide the futon.

A bottle of cranberry juice, a peanut butter container and an opened beer can were inside the refrigerator.

'First, there is strong physical evidence, unique to these employees, linking all three to the space for recreation'. Authorities found two personal calendars belonging to the electrical foreman, and also found his name on the registration for the Amazon streaming device. The carpenter foreman's smartphone hot spot was connected to the TV's network.

"The behavior described in the IG's report is outrageously inappropriate and is not consistent with Metro-North's values and the commitment that we have to providing safe, reliable and cost-efficient service to our customers", Metro-North Railroad President Catherine Rinaldi told CNN.

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The electrical foreman admitted that he had a copy of the locksmith shop keys, despite not spent time in that department in years.

The investigation dates back to February 2019, when the MTA received an anonymous tip alleging there was a "man cave" underneath the terminal. Officials are now working to develop a complete inventory of all rooms within the terminal, the report says.

The room was also deemed a fire hazard because it was unmapped, meaning rescue workers would have difficulty finding it, especially as the railway's bosses did not know of its existence either. The Grand Central Terminal is one of the busiest transit hubs in NY.

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