Poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has assets frozen by court

Clay Curtis
September 28, 2020

Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) took "further action against the network of Kremlin-connected Russian operative Yevgeniy Prigozhin, by targeting entities and individuals working on behalf of Prigozhin to advance Russia's influence in the Central African Republic".

According to the check, the USA president should provide the congress with a report about former and current officials of Russian Federation who are involved in the poisoning of Navalny.

Moscow denies the allegations but intelligence agencies found Russian Federation had used fake social media accounts to spread disinformation.

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny is likely to remain in Germany for weeks as he still requires lengthy treatment to help him recover from poisoning, his spokeswoman has said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited the United States to exchange pledges of non-interference in internal politics as part of a large-scale programme aimed at resetting Russian-US cooperation in the field of global information security.

"One of the main strategic challenges of our time is the risk of a large-scale confrontation in the digital sphere", Putin said in the Kremlin statement.

He added that dialogue should be restored between Russian and USA officials on key issues of worldwide information security.

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He also suggested that Moscow and Washington strike a deal to prevent cyberspace incidents, comparing that to a 1972 Soviet-American agreement to reduce the possibility of an incident at sea or in the air and an escalation in tensions.

The group of the American senators from both parties presented the bill that offers the sanctions against Russian officials.

Russian has a long history of interfering in the political affairs of the US and other countries.

"But let me repeat again what we have said here repeatedly in the past - Russian Federation already has everything necessary to be able to conduct investigations itself", Ms Fietz added.

The 44-year-old collapsed on a domestic flight in Russian Federation on August 20 and spent almost three weeks in a coma.

The claims about Russian meddling in 2020 follow over four years of allegations by Democratic lawmakers and USA media about a systematic Russian hacking, trolling and meddling effort in 2016, with the political forces behind those claims even accusing President Donald Trump of "colluding with" the Kremlin to get elected. "You are good people", the 44-year-old politician wrote under a photo of him hugging his wife Yulia.

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