Uber sets goal for 100% rides in electric vehicles by 2030

Ruben Fields
September 28, 2020

If that wasn't ambitious enough, the company wants 100% of rides in US, Canadian and European cities to be in electric vehicles by 2030.

Uber said its US and Canadian trips with a passenger produce 41 percent more carbon dioxide per mile than an average private vehicle once miles spent cruising between passengers are included.

The company said Uber drivers use hybrid vehicles 5.5 times more than auto owners as a whole, while battery electric vehicle ownership is consistent with American auto owners. Those uusing Uber Green will receive 3x Uber Rewards points for every trip taken, compared to 2x points for a typical UberX ride. Uber says by the end of the year, Uber Green will be available in more than 65 cities globally.

Launch joint marketing and education plans to promote the electric vehicle offers and benefits to Uber's partner drivers and offer test drives to allow them to experience the cars.

It is committing $800 million in resources to help drivers transition to EVs by 2025 and partnering with auto companies like General Motors in the USA and Canada and Renault-Nissan across European cities to offer savings to those who make the switch. But rather than pay drivers directly to trade their gas-burning vehicles for electric ones, the company will impose an extra fee on trips completed in an electric vehicle to incentivize drivers to make the switch. Declaring it has closed partnerships with General Motors, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, the private transport service provider announced that, by 2040, its entire vehicle fleet will be electric.

In addition to the discounts on electric cars, Uber said the $800 million would also cover charging and fare surcharge discounts.

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Pushed by the rollicking hell which is 2020 - including the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as the wildfires raging through its home state of California - Uber has followed hot on the heels of rideshare peer Lyft in announcing plans to become a fully zero-emission platform by 2040. Ride-hailing competitor Lyft earlier this year announced similar EV goals by 2030, but it only operates in the US and Canada.

Currently, Uber's statistics put only 0.15 percent of vehicles in the company's electric line-up. But it's also cleaner, with Uber claiming up to 44 percent fewer carbon emissions than an internal combustion engine vehicle.

The plan is to explore a strong partnership to provide affordable EVs for partner drivers on the Uber App in several markets, including the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Portugal.

And finally Uber pledged to be transparent and accountable to the public along the way. Uber aims to go emission-free come 2040. They said they would continue to do so going forward.

Earlier this year, Nissan confirmed that it would supply 2000 Leafs to Uber drivers in London in order to help the mobility service achieve its goal of operating a fully electric fleet in the city by 2025.

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