Radish seeds, meats and cheeses launched to space station

Katie Ramirez
October 5, 2020

As previously reported, the new toilet is designed with a tilted seat, new shape and redesigned funnels for urination to better accommodate female...

Larger plants like peppers and tomatoes should follow within a few years, which adds to the astronauts' diet.

Weighing nearly 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and measuring 28 inches (71 centimeters) tall, the new toilet is about half as big as the two Russian-built toilets already in use at the space station.

Northrop Grumman launched its capsule to the International Space Station from the coast of Virginia, and provided a nighttime treatment for observers from Carolina to New England, at least where the skies were clear. The new one is going to be present on the U.S. side of the outpost.

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The astronauts isolated themselves on the Russian side of the station for the third time in recent weeks, according to reports, but found the most recent cabin pressure readings were caused by a temporary temperature change in the craft and that the overall rate of the leak remained unchanged. Until now, it's been one or the other for female astronauts, she noted. This has been the same for all the space commodes till now. The urine would be collected, recycled, and purified so, that it can be used for drinking and cooking purposes. Titanium was chosen to make the toilet as it can withstand all the acid in the urine.

Astronaut Jessica Meir is making a video to clarify some doubts and curiosities about using a bathroom in space. In space, you can't afford even a single leakage, because you know there is no gravity.

The toilet is the first one ordered by NASA since the early 90s, and has been designed by Collins Aerospace. The spacecraft will arrive at and be attached to the space station two days later.

These were the details of the news American private companies use the space station to promote their products for this day. And also with space tourism becoming a thing, it is only going o become more important.

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