Blackpink’s Quotes on Filming Netflix Documentary

Brenda Watkins
October 14, 2020

The documentary options BLACKPINK's journey from their trainee days to changing into a worldwide star at present.

Ahead of the film's release, the quartet conducted a global press conference in Seoul on Tuesday afternoon, joined by the documentary's director Caroline Suh from NY through videoconference.

"Since then we were able to hang around with each other and be confident of one another", she added. Therefore, at the press conference for Light Up The Sky, the girls talked about the fifth member of the group.

"We started out on this project thinking we wanted to show a more honest, genuine side of ourselves".

BLACKPINK member Jisoo recently stated that the band's producer Teddy is actually the group's 5th member. The film's title "Light up the Sky" was also coined through instant consensus.

"We were interested in telling the story of how [the group] came together and what is it like to become a part of this huge phenomenon..." Scroll down to see what else she said.

Lisa believes that the filming of the documentary was awkward at first.

"It was such a pleasure to work with them", she said.

"I wanted to show how the group was born and the paths they have walked to become Blackpink".

Netflix's Blackpink documentary shows K-pop superstars wild rise to fame
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The documentary follows the four members of the K-pop girl group as they perform live at YG Entertainment, South Korea. The production company previously released documentaries featuring Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. She is also YG Entertainment's first foreign idol.

"It was moving to encounter the "us" that we had forgotten".

"There's a collaboration of languages". Jennie and I spoke in English, while Jisoo said in Korean and Lisa in Thai. "That's what happens every day among our members", said Rosé, the group's main vocalist. "We converse many languages, and I feel that variety represents us". "We are the world, literally!", Jennie said.

The official synopsis for the documentary reads: "Directed by Caroline Suh (Netflix's "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat"), the documentary goes deep with each of BLACKPINK's four members: Jisoo, the whip-smart unnie ("big sister") of the group with a quirky sense of humour; Jennie, the rapper whose fierce onstage persona contrasts with her soft-spoken nature; Rosé, the dulcet-voiced Australian coming into her own as a singer-songwriter; and Lisa, the dancing queen whose spark plug personality never fails to make her bandmates laugh". "Because we have this really special and strong teamwork, I think a lot of the fans are able to experience that positive energy". They're a lot cooler than I'm, and I actually loved working with them.

Meanwhile, Suh shared that her team spent hundreds of hours going through the girls' old videos and photos to find the flawless ones that could go well with the theme they want to express.

"We shine the most when the four of us are together", she added when asked about when BLACKPINK is at its best.

During the shoot, Suh shared that she was most surprised and impressed by the group's tenacity to achieve their dreams and goals.

"We can just look one another in the eye and know immediately what we need to do for them and what we need to do for the team", she said. "They're also very supportive of each other".

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