Google's $130 Nest Thermostat features an all-new touch-based design

Ruben Fields
October 14, 2020

This made it possible for Google to shrink the entire unit. Aside from the lack of a physical scroll wheel, the new Nest Thermostat doesn't include the ability to connect to the Nest Temperature Sensors which allow you to set temperature preferences on a room by room basis in your home. These are colour-matched to the four options on offer (Snow, Sand, Fog, and Charcoal), but not included in the box. This should make it easier to blend into the wall.

And yes, it's good to know that the Google Nest Thermostat features 49% recycled post-consumer plastic. "But most people are still using the decades-old thermostat that came with their house". The newest model comes packed with plenty of potential for savings thanks to existing and additional features.

Featuring a mirror-coated screen, the thermostat uses Soli technology, also found in Pixel 4, to detect you when you stand in front of it and automatically wake the screen. Just recently, the company unveiled a set of new Nest products to fill its 2020 portfolio of smart home products. So on a cold day, your home can chill at 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) if no one's in and only start warming up after you return.

Finally, the updated Thermostat has a new feature called Savings Finder. You can find out if you're eligible here. That means users will fully perform setup in the Home app and have full control over their heating and cooling there as well.

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The Nest Thermostat does everything you'd expect a smart thermostat to be able to do. "So we set out to change that-here's what you can expect from the new Nest Thermostat".

The Nest Thermostat is available beginning today and will be priced at $129, that is less than half the price of the original Nest Learning Thermostat.

If you haven't upgraded your thermostat yet, or aesthetics are your biggest priority, the new Nest Thermostat is available for pre-order today for $US130 ($180) on Google's online store and will be available in "select retailers" in the coming weeks. In the Google Home app Nest is adding HVAC monitoring which cannot only remind you when it's time to schedule regular servicing or when a filter is due to be replaced, but also keep an eye out for inconsistencies in your furnace or air conditioner's heating or cooling performance, which could potentially point to larger problems that need to be addressed. It can likewise utilize Soli to distinguish when you're close by and turn on the showcase to give you data like the current temperature, at that point spare energy by killing the presentation when you are not identified.

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