Central Park: Amy Cooper 'made second racist call' against birdwatcher

Clay Curtis
October 15, 2020

A white woman whose 911 call and confrontation with a Black birdwatcher in Central Park was captured on video made a previously undisclosed second call alleging that the man had assaulted her, authorities said Wednesday.

"Using the police in a way that is was both racially offensive and created to intimidate is something that can't be ignored". Mr. Cooper says that he believes Amy Cooper has "already paid a steep price" for her transgression.

According to senior prosecutor Joan Illuzzi, "The defendant twice reported that an African American man was putting her in danger, first by stating that he was threatening her and her dog, then making a second call indicating that he tried to assault her in the Ramble area of the park".

Christian Cooper repeatedly asked the woman to leash her dog, which she initially refused to do, based on the video he shot.

"I'm going to tell them there's an African-American man threatening my life", Amy Cooper is heard saying in the video as she pulls down her face mask and struggles to control her dog.

The exchange prompted outrage on social media, with users calling the woman a "Karen", a term popular online to describe an entitled white woman. NY prosecutors say she falsely claimed the man "tried to assault her".

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Amy Cooper risks one year behind bars for filing a false police report.

The incident itself happened all the way back in May, after a video from Christian Cooper showed Amy Cooper threatening to call the police after he requested she put her dog on a leash. However, now it's been revealed that Cooper didn't just call the police once; she made a second call actually accusing him of assault.

Amy Cooper appeared virtually before a judge Wednesday, but she did not enter a plea.

In a statement, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr said his office "will pursue a resolution of this case which holds Ms Cooper accountable while healing our community, restoring justice, and deterring others from perpetuating this racist practice". When he refuses to do so, she tells him that she'll call the police on him.

She was swiftly fired from her job at an investment management firm. Amy Cooper reportedly retracted the accusation after the police arrived on the scene.

Christian Cooper told NPR in May that her actions were "pretty crappy without a doubt", but he said he wasn't sure the response to her actions was proportionate. "I did not mean to harm that man in any way", she said.

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