Pfizer Sees Emergency Use Filing For COVID-19 Vaccine After US Election

Clay Curtis
October 16, 2020

President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that Russian Federation has registered a second coronavirus vaccine, with a third one in the pipeline, the TASS news agency reported.

Putin approved Russia's first Covid-19 vaccine, named Sputnik V in a nod to the Soviet launch of the world's first satellite, on August 11.

The registered vaccine, EpiVacCorona, was developed at a research centre in the Siberian city Novosibirsk, said Putin.

But the need for Bourla, who had previously said a vaccine could be available by October, to make a public announcement emphasizes the tense political conditions surrounding the race for a vaccine.

The timeline now allows for possible U.S. authorization of a coronavirus vaccine this year, a key step in controlling a pandemic that has killed more than a million and ravaged the global economy.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said it wants at least two months of safety data before authorizing emergency use of any experimental coronavirus vaccine.

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Russian Federation has given regulatory approval to a second Covid-19 vaccine, named "EpiVacCorona", after early-stage studies.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which authorizes pharmaceuticals for distribution in the United States - asked vaccine developers last week to spend two months monitoring for serious side effects after the second dose is given to trial participants. "Unlike with the first Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, which is an adenovirus vector-based vaccine, the new one is a promising synthetic vaccine based on peptide", the Russian government said. The current stage of clinical trials involving 300 volunteers is set to finish by December 2020. Its developer, the Moscow-based Gamaleya research center, is expected to wrap up the Phase 3 trials sometime around summer 2021.

"The Vector centre is also initiating post-registration clinical trials in the various regions of Russian Federation that would include 40,000 volunteers", she said.

A human trial of Sputnik V is now under way in Moscow for it.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, 60,000 doses of the vaccine are due to be released soon.

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