Census Deadline Moved Up To Early Friday Morning

Grant Boone
October 17, 2020

The Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed the Trump administration to shut down the 2020 USA census count earlier than originally planned, after putting a lower court ruling on hold that said the population count should continue until the end of the month.

The Census Bureau reports that only three states have less than a 99.9% rate of enumeration now: Louisiana (98.3%), MS (99.4%), and South Dakota (99.8%).

People now have about 24 hours to make sure they get counted.

The Census count happens once every ten years.

"Things like funding for libraries, funding for hospitals, for schools, for infrastructure like roads", Housel says. Ending the count earlier than expected has increased concern about ensuring an accurate count in CT.

"Delaware will lose money and headcounts", Hall-Long said. "It really hurt us in terms of being able to capture those last-minute sign-ups", Kovari said.

However, Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin argued last week that that percentage of households the bureau claimed to have counted may be far higher than the actual number, noting federal census officials will not give him their data. California drives the national rate given the state has approximately 10% of all USA households.

State Commerce Department spokeswoman Emilie Saunders told MTN Tuesday that Montana's self-response rate is 60.3 percent, below the national average of 66.8 percent and among the lowest of the states.

Over 99.9% of USA households have already been counted, according to the bureau. "Because you have contacted a household doesn't mean you have contacted everyone in the household".

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In Los Angeles, Esperanza Guevara, the census campaign manager for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, was leading phone-banking efforts to encourage people to fill out the census form. Public information officials at the Census Bureau did not address an emailed question about whether DE had exceeded its 2010 enumeration rate. Lupardo says many people had concerns about opening up their doors to census takers during the height of the pandemic. She attributes this to the County's effort to get locals hired to enumerate in their own communities.

Susan Housel, Volunteer Collier County Census Committee, says originally it was extended to October 31st. This included geo-targeted advertisements on smartphone apps.

"I do think we have an improved count, but we needed this extra time", Housel says.

During September, when the deadline was still in question, Davis urged residents to "act as though the census deadline remains September 30".

"What we are seeing is a level of structural racism we really have not seen in this country", Latner said."I've never known of the census to be used and politicized for this goal before". In Detroit, residents were being given the chance to win $25 gift cards in exchange for driving to a church parking lot to fill out their census forms.

"The data gathered through the census helps create jobs, provide housing, prepare for emergencies, build roads, schools, and hospitals, and is used to determine how many seats the state of DE will have in Congress", said Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki in a statement.

The tally was mandated to halt early today, but questions lingered about deadlines and who gets counted when congressional seats are allotted. "Moreover, meeting the deadline at the expense of the accuracy of the census is not a cost worth paying".

"Having an earlier deadline, especially among communities where resources are already not favorable, this can only hurt us", Thompson says. "It's unacceptable to leave people out who are here in our boundaries".

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