Doctors caution about study dissecting relationship between blood type and COVID-19

Grant Boone
October 17, 2020

Around 42 percent of the Danish population has blood type O and another 42 percent have blood type A. Despite equal representation, fewer people with blood type O caught Covid-19; just 38 percent of the people who tested positive were blood type O, while 44 percent were blood type A. Similarly, people with blood type B and AB also received more positive Covid-19 results than expected.

The authors hypothesize that the presence of virus-neutralizing anti-A and anti-B antibodies on mucosal surfaces of some type O individuals may explain the relative protection for this blood type. That study was published in the journal Blood Advances.

New studies are examining the relationship between your blood type and your personal COVID risk. "Such patients stayed in the intensive care unit longer than those with the first and third blood groups".

New research adds to the growing body of evidence that people with blood type "O" may have a lower risk of COVID-19 infection and reduced likelihood of severe outcomes, including organ complications if they do get sick. In addition, the team found no significant difference in the infection rate between types A, B and AB.

It has been observed that the prevalence of blood type can vary considerably in different ethnic groups and different countries.

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The first of the two studies saw scientists look at health registry data from more than 473,000 people in Denmark who tested for Covid-19 and compared it to a control group of more than 2.2 million people from the general population, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the total Danish population. A study published in July looking at patients in five major hospitals in the state of MA found that people with blood type O were less likely to test positive for COVID-19 than those with other blood types. These data are of particular importance as we continue to go through the pandemic. This means that it's not clear how the relationship between blood type and Covid-19 works and any link may be coincidental.

According to the American Red Cross, O-positive is the most common type of blood across all races.

The researchers also wrote that their study's findings are congruent with a recent study of 1 980 Covid-19 patients that also demonstrated a link between ABO blood type and disease severity.

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It was also found that more patients with groups A and AB needed dialysis for kidney failure. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.

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