Setback for Kamala Harris as team member tests positive for coronavirus

Clay Curtis
October 18, 2020

Sen. Kamala Harris won't be traveling for the next few days after a couple of staffers associated with her campaign have tested positive for COVID-19. President Trump is due to host a competing town hall on NBC at the same time. In the meantime, remember: wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands regularly.

The Biden campaign has touted its safety measures while the Trump campaign says it's a personal choice to wear a face mask or not.

A still-laughing Maddow said "Senator Harris, you are very kind, and let's just spare a thought right now for the people have to write closed captions for this portion of the interview and for those who have to transcribe it because they're going to have no idea how to convey what we just communicated". She was scheduled to make a campaign appearance in North Carolina on Thursday.

Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign announced Harris would return to Cleveland, though did not provide specific details on where or when.

'Harris was not in close contact, as defined by the CDC, with either of these individuals during the two days prior to their positive tests; as such, there is no requirement for quarantine. Both travelled with the Democratic senator during a campaign trip in Arizona on October 8.

Jen O'Malley Dillon, campaign manager for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, said Harris will not travel until at least Monday.

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Democrats especially have increased their use of virtual campaigning, fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts to limit the spread and avoid unnecessary health risks. During the plane flight, Dillon said Harris, Allen and the non-staff flight crew were all wearing N95 masks and that the vice-presidential nominee "was not within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes with either of them".

O'Malley Dillon said the Biden campaign has begun the process of contact tracing "to notify everyone who came into contact with the individuals during the potential infection window".

Neither aide had close contact with the candidates in the 48 hours prior to their positive tests, she added.

The senator took two PCR COVID tests since the October 8th flight and both were negative, with the last negative result Wednesday, October 14th, according to the campaign.

Ms Harris has been tested twice since 8 October, most recently testing negative on 14 October.

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