Jim DeMint: Senator Ben Sasse's Comments On President Trump Are Completely Unacceptable

Clay Curtis
October 20, 2020

Meanwhile Mr Trump launched a new attack on Anthony Fauci, his top infectious diseases expert, during a campaign call on Monday which journalists were allowed to listen in on.

Trump called Sasse a "RINO" - Republican in Name Only - and suggested he was getting ready to quit - or else should be replaced by the party in his state.

"I'm now looking at the possibility of a Republican bloodbath, and that's why I've never been on the Trump train", says Sasse.

Trump " s tirade continued throughout the day as he compared Sasse to former U.S. Sens.

Sasse has positioned himself as a conservative willing to criticize Trump, and he is seen as a potential presidential candidate for 2024. "I love the smell of Republican panic in the morning", Cenk says, and these sudden discoveries among certain Republicans anxious about their future viability that hitching their start to Donald Trump may have been a mistake is quite the profile in cowardice.

Sasse is a frequent critic of Trump, and said before the 2016 election he would not endorse him.

But he said he's had disagreements with Trump that do not involve "mere policy issues", adding, "I'm not at all apologetic for having fought for my values against his in places where I think his are deficient, not just for a Republican but for an American". Trump mused, even though Sasse has already won the GOP nod and is cruising to reelection against token Democratic opposition.

"But when I have had differences of opinion, which I have, [I] do that privately", Cornyn said. "It isn't just that he fails to lead our allies".

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"The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership", said Sasse last week in answering a question from a constituent about his support for Trump. His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity.

"He mocks evangelicals behind closed doors", Sasse said, referring to Trump.

Cornyn said he disagreed with the president on budget deficits and debt, and took issue with Trump's handling of trade agreements with China and other Asian countries.

And he warned Trump could be driving young people and women permanently to the Democratic Party.

"He talks a good game but generally falls into line with Trump at the drop of a hat", Swalwell said.

Sasse is yet another lawmaker facing Trump's wrath who was earlier praised by the president.

Sasse is up for reelection on November 3 but is expected to keep his seat amid a landscape that threatens the GOP Senate majority.

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