This may be why Microsoft is installing Office PWAs without permission

Ruben Fields
October 20, 2020

In other words, Microsoft automatically downloads these updates and installs them on compatible and relevant Windows 10 machines.

Users who have encountered this behavior in Windows 10 are complaining.

Seriously, the story you're reading now started as a news post about what's happening.

And according to a report from Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, Office apps installed silently on Windows 10 devices and then pinned to the Start menu is only partly a bug, as Microsoft actually meant to the whole thing. Instead, it's caused by a bug in Microsoft Edge that will soon be fixed.

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The main problem with installing Office web apps for Windows 10 seems to be the lack of user consent for this. This is just a shortcut to the version of the web that you can already access in your chosen web browser, and it's also doubled as an ad to buy a more fully featured copy. They're among the most un-hostile bloatware I've seen, and they never truly take a gander toward the Start Menu at any rate - my taskbar and search bar have for quite some time been sufficient for me.

Due to the varied hardware and drivers running Windows 10, there will always be issues when a new cumulative update is released, but there appears to be an uptick in reports with this particular update. To bloat wear, And Microsoft's latest example emphasizes revenue over whether it's a small number of people May lose their job When Windows suddenly shuts down your PC. Now they bundle a set of PWA web apps that run in the same browser as a non-removable browser.

As I discussed earlier, such a decision undermines one good The argument that Microsoft actually has about the required updates - they are to provide important security patches that keep your computer (you and others) safe. With the help of a new AI / ML strategy, according to Windows Latest, Microsoft will now differentiate this distribution even more. You have not enrolled in the Windows Insider Program on this PC. The company hasn't responded to Foley's request for comment yet, but we'll see if it changes next week.

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