Celebrate Ghostbusters in Rocket League's Haunted Hallows

Ruben Fields
October 21, 2020

Just in time for the Halloween season too! This year's Haunted Hallows has mostly been done before in Rocket League, but it provides a chance for players who missed out previously. This is a limited-time event with fun game modes, events, and themed items.

Once Haunted Hallows goes live, your Event Challenges will be available to complete. From today, October 20th, until November 2, 2020, players can complete Event Challenges that unlock different items for their cars and accounts. Check out the slideshow below to see them all. This will reward players with items from the Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator Series.

The seasonal scare is here for Rocket League with the Haunted Hallows 2020 event.

Among the new game modes, the celebration brings the Haunted Heatseeker and Spike Rush, which will add the frightening new Haunted Urban Arena, referring to the classic environments of the 80's horror films, and several other variants of Rocket League scenarios decorated and at night.

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If you are hoping for more terrifying accoutrements, be sure to keep an eye on the Item Shop throughout the month.

Previous Haunted Hallows items, such as the Reaper Goal Explosion, will also be available for purchase in the Item Shop throughout the entirety of the event.

The fan-favorite and now free-to-play auto sports title Rocket League is celebrating the spooky season with a limited time "Haunted Hallows" event, which brings items based on the Ghostbusters franchise.

The challenges and the Haunted Heatseeker mode are already live with the start of the Haunted Hallows event, but the Spike Rush mode will only begin on October 26.

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