Uplay is dead, as of Watch Dogs Legion - replaced by Ubisoft Connect

Ruben Fields
October 22, 2020

For our newest releases*, all your game progression is saved within Ubisoft Connect, so you won't lose a step if you change consoles or switch to PC. As an overhaul of UPlay and Ubisoft Club, this new direction will serve as the new universal interface that Ubisoft players can go to avail of in-game services, rewards, and so much more.

Cross-progression is a feature that allows you to carry your save data from one platform to the next. Ubisoft Connect will also provide "Smart Intel" which is a feature that delivers gameplay tips and videos based on a player's game activities.

Time-Limited Challenges include personal objectives for you to complete, as well as community objectives that you can participate in, and special events.

Sadly, the progression across all devices is now limited to Ubisoft's newest or upcoming games, with the battle royale Hyper Scape, Viking-flavoured Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Breath of the Wild-aping Immortals Fenyx Rising and extreme sports title Riders Republic the first games to benefit from it. Not unlike the new game help feature in the PS5 UI. So players may be able to earn exclusive cosmetics through Ubisoft Connect in those games as well.

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Core Challenges are in-game objectives that follow your progress in a game, and can be completed to showcase your achievements.

Akin to the services it's replacing, Ubisoft Connect is created to let players unlock unique Rewards via the loyalty program. Set to release on the 29th of October, Ubisoft Connect is billed as an ecosystem of player services that covers all Ubisoft games on all platforms.

"It is the unification and improvement of Ubisoft Club, our loyalty program, and Uplay, our Desktop App, across all platforms".

Another message from the company explains: "Ubisoft Connect is the ecosystem of players services for all Ubisoft games across all platforms". Old challenges on older games are no longer active, so all those little in-game rewards are now completely free - Ubisoft says there are "more than 1,000" newly free in-game items.

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