Google Fi introduces new subscription program for Pixel 4a

Ruben Fields
October 25, 2020

Google's MVNO advertises this program as an alternative to the "time-consuming, complicated and costly" process of "selecting and upgrading a new phone".

Google continues to piggyback on Pixel 4a's launch and revealed a brand new subscription program that's now available for customers looking to buy one. Cellular plan (FiFlexible or Unlimited) is not included. Subscribers today can get the Google Pixel 4a and device protection for $15 per month over a 24-month period.

But the device protection feature is nice-it provides "device replacement or fix for damage from cracks, drops, spills and more (deductibles apply)"-and of course you do own the Pixel 4a after the payoff period ends, so you're free to keep using it or upgrade then". There is also the option not to upgrade.

Google Fi is launching a new way for people to get a new Pixel 4a at a reasonable monthly price.

The device protection offered as part of the subscription is optional and costs $6, which means you can grab this deal for just $9 a month by removing it.

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After 24 monthly payments, you fully own your phone.

Despite the exceptions, device replacement includes cracks, leaks and other damage - "up to $ 49 for crack screen fix and up to $ 99 for phone replacement". While it is relatively affordable, it will still cost you a few hundred bucks.

The Pixel 4a is now the only Made by Google smartphone available on Fi, as the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G have not yet been launched in the United States. Then you have to pay the full amount of the device.

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