Facebook is banning Oculus owners with multiple VR headsets

Ruben Fields
October 27, 2020

Oculus is a brand of Facebook Technologies.

Unfortunately, that only makes the behaviour of the platform's owners potentially more damaging in the long-term.

Last weekend, Oculus customers had been shocked to study the potential for their Facebook accounts getting completely banned if used with a number of Oculus VR headsets.

Earlier, a Twitter user pointed out that the Oculus' support team in a forum said using Oculus headsets simultaneously on the same Facebook account will lead to a ban.

Speaking to UploadVR, Facebook confirmed that if a user has linked their Facebook account to their Oculus headset, a process every user will probably have to undergo in the near future, and they wish to delete their social media account they'll simply have to make peace with losing all of their purchased Oculus games and apps.

Whilst you can argue Playstation, Nintendo, Microsoft and Steam accounts work in the exact same way in our digital license present, one, Facebook is a lot more information-hungry, and two, this is an account now linked to your very identity. When it comes to deleting the Facebook account, however, this will also delete your Oculus information.

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Many folks have criticised Facebook for this frankly ridiculous move.

"With the unification of Oculus and Facebook accounts, you most likely would not be able to continue with having two headsets as this would be against the Facebook Terms of Service".

We've been in contact with Facebook representatives regarding erroneous account bans and have been assured that Oculus Support has a human available 24/7 to provide users with account support.

If you attempt to create a second Facebook account purely for use with Oculus devices, then you are violating Facebook's new terms and conditions, meaning they can ban your accounts on both platforms.

The company is planning on support for multiple Facebook accounts on one headset, but that doesn't address problems for people who can't or don't want to create accounts, such as kids under 13. How do you all feel about the recent changes Facebook has made to Oculus? The excellent news is that the response was an error and Facebook has now issued a clarification.

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