Sony delays PS5 launch game Destruction AllStars until next year

Ruben Fields
October 27, 2020

The DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 will apparently work for more than just the Sony consoles.

Using a Google Pixel 5, the DualSense connected wirelessly with the device and Evans even managed to play a game via the Microsoft xCloud gaming service with the controller. At the start of the video, Evans immediately noted that he is hopeful that the controller could also work on Android and iOS devices as a normal Bluetooth controller would. The result? DualSense can work with Xbox Games, assuming you are going this route to play them rather than trying to play them directly on an Xbox system.

Evans takes a tour of the DualSense controller showing off the D-pad, the standard face buttons, the dedicated PlayStation button, a button for muting the headset/mic, the touchpad, two analog thumb sticks, four trigger buttons, and the USB-C port. While many are excited about the PS5 and the capabilities it has, many are also looking forward to using the new "DualSense" controller.

An unboxing video of the DualSense controller from YouTuber Austin Evans shows how the controller works with the Windows-based Surface Laptop Go and the Pixel 5, although the box clearly states that it is only compatible with the PlayStation 5. He does note that there is no USB-C cable supplied in the box, though.

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Austin plugs it into an Xbox Series X but it doesn't work however it works mostly well with the Surface Laptop Go. So, you can not get haptic feedback or adaptive triggers to function unless you are playing on the PS5.

There is speculation that the controller may work with the PS4 in a future update, but not rely on it.

Evans tested out the controller with a few systems.

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