YouTube for Android revamps the video player page and adds new gestures

Ruben Fields
October 27, 2020

Starting today, Google is pushing a major update to its YouTube app on both platforms - Android and iOS.

With the new update, the small full-screen icon on the bottom right corner of the video is no longer the only way to switch to full screen. You can enable or disable full-screen video by simply swiping up on the video window to enter full-screen and swiping down to return back to the standard player page.

YouTube for iOS Gaining New Gestures and Controls

YouTube's mobile app is also getting an update to the video chapters, which is essentially an easier way to get to the "good part" of a video. This will let you see a complete list of all the chapters included in the video. This is aimed at making captions more accessible and they can easily be turned on/ off instantly. The new features include a list view for video chapters, suggested actions, and more. To find the full list of chapters, you have to tap or click the chapter title. We also have moved the autoplay toggle to make it easier to turn on or off while you're watching. The new update makes it easier to enter and exit the full screen mode, and an updated YouTube Chapters feature. It will also roll out to desktop users soon. The player now has rearranged buttons and moved them to a prominent location which is said to save time while taking actions.

Additionally, YouTube is introducing suggested actions, which will prompt users to rotate their phone or play a video in VR when it thinks you'll have a better experience. The company said it will add more suggestions over the course of time.

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