US Supreme Court Refuses to Allow Wisconsin to Extend Mail Ballot Deadline

Ruben Fields
October 28, 2020

Kansas offers a tracking system called Voter View, where voters can check the status of their mail-in ballot. Around 2.5 million people are expected to vote by mail. In Allegheny County, about 287,500 Democrats applied, compared with 80,700 Republicans.

In another major blow to Democrats, the U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that mail-in ballots in Wisconsin can only be counted if they're received by Election Day.

According to state data, about 1.4 million ballots have been returned out of the 1.7 million sent out.

Wisconsin is one of about 30 states with this deadline that ballots have to be received by Election Day, along with Pennsylvania and MI; two states with similar cases still pending. "If the apparent victor the morning after the election ends up losing due to late-arriving ballots, charges of a rigged election could explode".

Voters' ballots will be counted so long as they are postmarked by November 3.

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The Court docket additionally stated that Abbott's October proclamation would not hinder anybody's capability to vote seeing as he had additionally issued a proclamation on July 27 beginning early voting within the state six days earlier than its ordinary date and permitting folks with mail-in ballots to ship their ballots in particular person fairly than simply by the mail. To void the mail-in ballot, the voter must fill out a form to "surrender" the ballot, which must also be signed by the Judge of Elections at the polling place.

Just last week, the court split 4-4 in a case allowing the deadline for mail-in absentee ballots to be extended in Pennsylvania.

The justices said there is no constitutional right to cast a ballot specifically by drop box, nor does the size of a county determine whether a voter is being mistreated. But voters who have already applied for a mail-in ballot but don't have it - whether lost, discarded or unarrived - may seek a new ballot and vote at the County Office Building.

The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot was close of business on October 27, and voter registration ended on October 19.

Schmidt and other election leaders say it's a good thing voters are voting early by mail. "We're running ads in every conceivable medium".

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