'Very Nice!' - Kazakhstan taps new Borat movie to woo tourists

Brenda Watkins
October 28, 2020

"Kazakhstan's nature is very nice; its food is very nice; and its people, despite Borat's jokes to the contrary, are some of the nicest in the world", said Kairat Sadvakassov, the deputy chairman of Kazakh Tourism, in a statement obtained by Huffington Post.

In the sequel, "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan", the character returns to the USA on a mission to deliver a gift to Vice President Mike Pence in order to curry favor with the Trump administration and avoid a death sentence in Kazakhstan.

People who've seen the movie know that Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova, that stole the show since Borat's daughter, place themselves into a potentially risky scenarios, among which saw Cohen posing as a country singer directing the audience of some March For Our All rally at a racist tune.

Even Kazakhstan's tourism board signaled that there is no bad blood between the two.

On the latest episode of A Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Sacha Baron Cohen shared an exclusive outtake from what really went down when he performed at a right-wing rally in his new movie where he performed a song called the "WuHan Flu" as Borat, who's disguised as Country Steve.

The second film itself has had a mixed reception.

The letter continues: "In this film, a white person adorns a Kazakh persona and then culturally appropriates and belittles everything we stand for".

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Prior to the movie's release, more than 100,000 people signed an online petition to cancel the film. But others said the lawsuits and anger should be directed instead at Kazakhstan's leaders, calling on them to improve conditions in the oil-rich country.

Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays Borat, recently said in an interview that it was important the film was released before the US Presidential election on 3 November, between incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

Tourism in Kazakhstan "took off" after the first Borat film came out, according to the news release - despite the authorities' initial disapproval.

The original film sparked outrage in the country and the government said it would count on movie theaters to not show it.

Amazon has also said that within the first few hours of its Borat watch party last Thursday night, more than one million fans tuned in for a live Q&A with Sacha Baron Cohen's titular character, and to participate in a worldwide dance party.

"In COVID times, when tourism spending is on hold, it was good to see the country mentioned in the media", Sadvakassov told The Times.

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