Protests erupt in USA after police kill black man

Grant Boone
October 29, 2020

The newspaper reported that police ordered Wallace to drop the weapon then shot him more than a dozen times after he failed to comply and walked towards officers.

Gov. Tom Wolf (D) deployed the Pennsylvania National Guard to Philadelphia to assist city police and protect property after protests over the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. turned violent on Monday night.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said the officers involved in the shooting were taken off street duty as they investigate. "These police were undertrained".

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney had said video of the shooting "presents hard questions that must be answered". The first night of unrest saw 76 people arrested for burglary including three with guns, while 11 were arrested for assaulting police officers, and three were arrested for failure to disperse.

Police said two officers were injured, although authorities did not disclose the extent of their injuries.

In Washington, the White House issued a statement saying the unrest was another outcome of "Liberal Democrats' war against the police".

The nearby business district, known as the 52nd Street corridor, was also the site of protests against police brutality at the end of May, after George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis. "At the same time, no amount of anger at the very real injustices in our society excuses violence".

Wallace also had an extensive criminal history and was awaiting trial for allegedly threatening to shoot a woman, according to media reports.

In video filmed by a bystander and posted on social media, officers yell for Mr Wallace to drop a knife.

"Put the knife down", one of the officers shouted in the video, which panned away as officers opened fire.

The family for a Pennsylvania man shot and killed by police called 911 for an ambulance, not a police response, their lawyer says. "He had mental issues", his father, Walter Wallace Sr., told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Prime Time Tuesday night.

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Cathy Wallace, his mother, said one of the times officers visited "they stood there and laughed at us".

The Wallace family's attorney, Shaka Johnson, said the man's wife, Dominique Wallace, is pregnant and is scheduled to have labour induced on Wednesday.

"When you come to a scene where somebody is in a mental crisis, and the only tool you have to deal with it is a gun. where are the proper tools for the job?"

Protesters confront police during a march in Philadelphia.

"I don't condone no violence tearing up the city, looting up stores and all this chaos", stated Walter Wallace Sr.

"Why didn't they use a Taser?" the paper quoted him as asking.

Police shot and killed 27-year-old Wallace in Cobbs Creek on Monday.

The two officers each fired at least seven rounds - at least 14 total shots - but Vanore could not say how many times Wallace was struck. "He has mental issues".

Outlaw launched an investigation, saying the video "raises many questions".

"Schaffer said "[what] happened was, I just went into the Five Below to just see what was going on with some of the looting and I was jumped by the Black Lives Matter protesters, who immediately started punching and kicking me.

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