The SpaceX Starlink service costs $ 99 per month

Ruben Fields
October 29, 2020

CNBC reported Tuesday that SpaceX emails about pricing for early users went out Monday.

The e-mail message is not very long, first of all it details what beta users can expect from the first Starlink system.

SpaceX began conveying satellites for the web heavenly body back in May 2019, and it has dispatched more than 800 satellites from that point forward. He also states that he will continue to update the networking software and expects the latency to drop between 16ms and 19ms by 2021.

As per the screenshot of the emails being received by CNBC, SpaceX Starlink satellite internet service will cost around $99 per month, competitive, considering that rural America has been stuck for years with the extremely slow and, at times, extremely expensive satellite broadband solutions. The company points out that such a large number of satellites are needed for at least one satellite to always be above any region of the world. As of writing, SpaceX has sent almost 900 internet-capable satellites into orbit - which is only a small fraction of the mega-constellation needed for global internet service. Elon Musk's company released this form in June. SpaceX in a new e-mail; He says the user terminal, the tripod used to mount the terminal on the ground, and the Wi-Fi router together will cost $ 499. There are also different mounts available and a ridgeline mount that this user ordered, cost him an additional $100.

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The Starlink app provides guidance on how to install the Starlink receiver dish, as well as connection status (including signal quality), a device overview for seeing what's connected to your network and a speed test tool.

"As part of Starlink's" Better Than Nothing "beta program, the first service for the U.S. and Canada is scheduled for 2020 and will be rapidly expanded to near global coverage of the populous world by 2021", said SpaceX in describing its mobile Starlink app. However, the new beta test update hints the rollout to select users.

SpaceX Starlink Public beta email invite.

SpaceX's Starlink satellites are expected to have both civilian and military applications. The company also claimed to have tested "space lasers" on its satellites, which would allow vehicles to communicate with each other in space and potentially increase data sharing. So, are you excited about the prospect of satellite internet?

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