Xbox Series X/S Launch Is The Largest in Xbox History

Ruben Fields
November 12, 2020

However, the launch day came with its own problems for Microsoft.

While that appears to be an Xbox Series X testing out next-gen campfire technology, it's actually a cheeky ruse that's easy to pull off provided that you're fond of puffing out self-righteous hipster smoke at a level that would raise even the eyebrows of your local Bob Marley fan club. Firstly, some issue was reported with the Xbox Live login, which did not let many buyers enjoy their new Xbox consoles immediately. It is not known what is causing these issues, but the random shutdowns can be linked to overheating.

An Xbox Series X/S fail compilation video has already hit YouTube and arguably the most disturbing, and already viral, videos are those of the console with smoke billowing out of its top end. Having gone free-to-play under publisher Epic Games, Rocket League will be ready and waiting on your new console. Sorry everyone, all the Xbox Series X is going to do is sit in your lounge and look ominous like the monolith from 2001.

Now that this alternative use for the Xbox Series X's ventilation system has seemingly been discovered, other XSX owners will no doubt want to try it out for themselves.

Several Xbox Series X users are reporting a variety of hardware issues, including smoky consoles

The trick was uncovered by savvy Xbox and vape aficionado, Xbox Studio, who explained the vape trick via his Twitter account (in Spanish).

The Reddit thread includes several reports of users receiving DOA Xbox Series X units, units that completely shut down after just a couple of hours of use, overheating units, ones that sound like a refrigerator from the '80s, and even ones with a faulty disc drive.

Microsoft is keeping a note of the hardware issues and is investigating the vape smoke issue, according The Verge's Tom Warren.

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