Google Chrome 87 brings major performance improvements and tab searching

Ruben Fields
November 18, 2020

Matt Waddell, Director of Product, Chrome, said in a blog that the browser has got the largest gain in performance it has ever got in years with the new update. "With this information, Chrome can optimize resources for the tabs you are using, not the ones you've minimized, making Chrome up to 25 percent faster to start up and 7 percent faster to load pages, all while using less memory", Chang said.

Google today announced Chrome 87, which it says offers major performance and efficiency improvements on desktop and mobile. This has been achieved by prioritizing active Chrome tabs in the foreground compared to other programs and functions, something Google calls Tab Throttling and Occlusion Tracking.

To start, Google claims to have reduced the CPU usage of Chrome by 5x, while simultaneously adding 1.25 hours of battery life as per internal benchmarks. That tab search feature will be available on Chromebooks first, and it'll arrive on the desktop version of Chrome soon. It's the same kind of search you've grown accustomed to across your favorite applications. Start typing in a word and you should find the result you need. This month we're adding tab search to the toolbox. The company will gradually roll out the back/forward cache as part of Chrome 87.

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Here's one for all you tab addicts: you can now search your Chrome's open tabs after the update, allowing you to easily find what you're looking for when you've got too much open. "How many times have you visited a website and clicked a link to go to another page, only to realize it's not what you wanted and click the back button?"

Finally, Chrome 87 features a couple quality of life improvements, from a more powerful omnibox to cards in your new tab page. Chrome Cards will show on the new tab page on Chrome and will help users pick up where they left off. Clicking on a card will take users to a recently-visited and related content on the web. When users type "edit passwords" or 'delete history, ' they can now take action directly from the address bar. For now, the cards will focus on things like cooking and shopping, with plans for entertainment cards in the future.

Google said that all of these features, in addition to others it will share later, are rolling out over the next few weeks.

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