Apple says you won’t even get 15W charging speed with MagSafe Duo

Ruben Fields
November 19, 2020

Fall is always new iPhone season, and Apple's newest flagships largely delivered the goods.

Like many new technologies, however, it's not going to be without its growing pains.

Wow, Apple has just updated the MagSafe Duo page.

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As with the standard MagSafe charger, the MagSafe Duo does not include an adapter in the box. It's actually a very clever design in that regard, but of course even Apple can't break the laws of physics. In comparability, the solo MagSafe charger gives 15W wi-fi charging. You have to purchase the 20W USB-C power adapter separately and doing that will only get you 11W charging speeds. The only exception is the iPhone 12 mini, which maxes out at 12W - but that's still faster than the 7.5W supported by older models.

While some critics of Apple will undoubtedly raise conspiracy theories about these distinctions, we think it's extremely unlikely that any of these are artificial limitations on Apple's part - there's simply no reason for the company to make things this confusing. In a nutshell, you will have to spend a total of Rs.18,800 to get the complete 14W wireless charging from MagSafe Duo charger without relying on third-party power adapter makers. If you want to charge faster, you'll have to get a 27W or higher USB-C power adapter which pushes a faster 14W wireless charging. Firstly, this means the MagSafe Duo isn't as powerful as the regular MagSafe charger. The other workaround is to take out your iPhone 12 from the case to charge every time.

The MagSafe Duo charger is expected to cost $129, but the exact release date is still unknown, Apple still says its "coming soon".

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