Is South Dakota Gov. Noem the 'Best Bet' for Republicans in 2024?

Clay Curtis
November 20, 2020

"The reason I tweeted what I did was it wasn't one particular patient it was a culmination of so many people, and their last dying words are "this can't be happening, it's not real".

The nurse revealed that many patients try to convince staff as well as themselves that other ailments are responsible for their condition.

Noem said she wears a mask when "appropriate", though she frequently posts photos of herself on social media without one, despite her proximity to others.

Doering went on to mention how more people have died of COVID-19 in South Dakota - 644 - than live in the town where she's from.

She told the news channel's presenter: "I think the hardest thing to watch is that people are still looking for something else and they want a magic answer, and they don't want to believe that Covid is real". Almost one in 1,600 of all South Dakotans are now hospitalized with COVID-19.

Jodi Doering is an emergency room nurse on the front line in the battle against coronavirus – and ignorance – in the US
Jodi Doering is an emergency room nurse on the front line in the battle against coronavirus – and ignorance – in the US

Jodi Doering said on CNN. People want it to be influenza, they want it to be pneumonia, we've even had people say, "I think it might be lung cancer", something so far fetched.

Even as the state deals with one of the worst virus outbreaks in the nation, the Republican governor asked that people respect those who don't wear masks, saying they are making a "personal decision". However, a rising number of cases in South Dakota this week prompted renewed calls for action at the state level.

Doering also noted on Twitter that some patients argue with her that President-elect Joe Biden "is going to ruin the U.S.". It's not real.' And when they should be...

"If you look at Wisconsin, they've had a mask mandate since August and they have a higher rate of spread than the state of South Dakota".

"It makes you sad and mad and frustrated and you know that you're just going to come back and do it all over again", Doering said. So instead, I will get in my 2007 Impala with 207,000 miles on it, crank some Foo Fighters, and go to work. Noem's press secretary Ian Fury told the Angus Leader in Sioux Falls that the governor would defy any nationwide mask mandate if implemented by the Biden administration. Though the health department recommends mask-wearing, Noem reiterated it is beyond her authority to mandate mask-wearing or implement legal penalties on South Dakota citizens who don't wear masks.

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