GTA Online has triple rewards for all land races this week

Ruben Fields
November 21, 2020

Now, Players will be tasked with taking on an entire island. Past heists have required at least two players to start a heist, but Rockstar said the new heist will feature "a brand-new approach to Heist design" so it is unknown what the difference will be between team and solo if any.

While there's plenty of reason to get hyped if you're a GTA Online player, it seems like fans of the general franchise took the meaning of the video out of context and momentarily ran with it as being the first teaser for 6. We found out a few details about the new heist called the Cayo Perico.

"Evade or neutralise the heavily armed security forces stationed there, and escape with valuable evidence along with as much art, gold and drug money as you can carry".

Rockstar has confirmed that this heist can be approached in many different ways, with the ability to choose your own tools, plan and crew. A brief trailer was released that shows off the new location in GTA Online. "Just make it back to Los Santos in one piece".

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"Oh", reads a press release, "and a very large, very versatile, and very heavily armed submarine headquarters with plenty of other surprises".

In a short video teaser, Rockstar showcased new locations that aren't now in GTA Online and which appear to be located on a yet-t0-be-added island.

The Grand Theft Auto makers said Heists would be returning in 2020 and that it would be arriving in the biggest update ever to GTA 5 Online.

The reward for doing so was a special in-game vehicle, which is to be given to everyone alongside the next big GTA Online update in December.

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