Sweden finds coronavirus in mink industry workers

Clay Curtis
November 21, 2020

The Danish minister in charge of farming resigned Wednesday as he took the blame for the government ordering the culling of all farmed mink without having the necessary legislation in place first.

"No further cases of mink variant with cluster 5 have been detected since September 15, which is why the State Serum Institute assesses that this variant has most likely become extinct", the ministry said in a statement.

All minks on farms in Ireland are to be culled over the next few weeks because of Covid-19 concerns.

Mink, similar to ferrets, cats and dogs, are more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus, posing a risk they could mutate the virus and return a variant to humans. Almost 300 people were found with variants of coronavirus containing mink-related mutations.

"There were no legal grounds to ask the farmers to cull their mink outside the infected zones", Jensen told the Danish wire agency Ritzau on Monday.

It's led to concerns here that if there were a mutation of the virus -it could affect the roll out of any vaccine.

"I need the prime minister to admit when she makes a mistake, it is her duty", added resistance leader Jakob Elleman-Jensen of the Liberal Party.

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The department said in a statement it was acting on expert advice that minks "should be culled to minimise or eliminate this risk".

It did not specify how many people had tested positive.

The remaining 900 mink farms that didn't have Covid-19 cases among their populations had until midnight Thursday to cull their animals, The Guardian reported.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has said it is engaging with Irish mink farmers to "consider the next steps" following the recommendation to cull all farmed mink in Ireland.

Before this month, the authorities ordered that the nation's whole mink population ought to be slaughtered due to a mutation from the coronavirus which could influence the efficacy of future offenses against COVID-19.

The PM has defended the decision to cull the country's mink, saying it was based on the assessment of health authorities. The move stirred up anger among some protesters, making Maxim's cafes and restaurants the target of vandals.Maxim's is 50 per cent owned by Dairy Farm, part of the Jardine Matheson Group.

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