Players Finally Solve the Locked Door Mystery in Demon's Souls Remake

Ruben Fields
November 23, 2020

Well, that was fast.

However, despite talks of an easy mode, developer Bluepoint decided it wasn't their place to alter the core gameplay of Demon's Souls in their remake.

The door lies beyond an illusory wall in Boletaria world 1-3 and there's no key anywhere nearby to open it. The race to open the door was on.

Ceramic Coins are a brand-new item that was added to the Demon's Souls remake by Bluepoint Games that features a design strikingly similar to the secret door.

Demon's Souls detectives have so far found at least 10 of these Ceramic Coins littered across the game world, although it's still unknown how many exist or what needs to be done with them.

However, it seems that players will able to complete the trade with only 26 coins.

And that proved to be the answer!

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Distortion2, a streamer who's been working to crack the case, realised that the key to opening the door was obtained by collecting 30 Ceramic Coins and trading them with one of the game's NPCs, Sparkly the Crow. Here's the on-stream moment when Distortion2 first picked up the Penetrator set.

So what was behind the door? This guide will show you exactly how to open the secret new door in Demon's Souls on PS5 and how to get the Penetrator armor set.

Moore previously told The Washington Post that although Demon's Souls is a challenging game, he believes it's "actually very fair".

The coins were also a good lede because the Shadow of the Colossus remake secret also relied on coins.

Located in the Tower Knight Archstone and found by weaving through tight, dark corridors, the mysterious door welcomes players with a single message: "It appears to be locked".

Demon's Souls remake is out now.

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