Call of Duty's New Nuketown '84 Map Launches Tomorrow

Ruben Fields
November 24, 2020

The classic COD map returns with a Black Ops Cold War Twist and brings back the original high-octane gameplay to the title. Since its initial appearance in the founding Black Ops title, this small, space-age locale has been the site of many a fast-paced, past-dying brawl for all in each iteration of the Black Ops universe. The new map will appear in Black Ops Cold War at the standard update time and there will be a dedicated Nuketown 24/7 playlist you can select from the multiplayer menu. Additionally, the map also has an interesting easter egg. PimpOutMyPC captured footage of the Drive-style world in action, which you can check out in the tweet below.

Considering the map sizes, spawn swapping was becoming a tedious factor in each game, which usually triggered as soon as one player pushed enemies' spawn, pushing the other team to start spawning on the opposite side of the map and overlap with some already existing players which induced a spawn-camping feeling.

Check out this incredible Easter egg from Nuktown '84 ahead of launch. Once all the heads have been demolished, the game adds an awesome vaporwave filter and music.

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The Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode is also full of easter eggs as well. In Black Ops 3, shooting all the mannequins turned them into zombies. The bundle contains the Last Stop Shotgun Blueprint, six Weapon Charms, a Sticker, a new Emblem, and a new Calling Card.

There is also a commemorative bundle being offered to celebrate the release of Nuketown, and you can claim it for free.

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