Red Dead Online Will Be A Standalone Game

Ruben Fields
November 25, 2020

Although Red Dead Online is a nice multiplayer mode, it lags far behind GTA Online in terms of content and had insufficient content, so players did not spend much time on Red Dead Online.

The meaty multiplayer component to Red Dead Redemption 2 is branching off from Arthur Morgan's story and in the two years since the game's launch, Red Dead Online has received numerous expansions.

Red Dead Online will be hitting the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store and Steam for $4.99.

Rockstar Games is making Red Dead Online its own standalone product next week.

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The Red Dead Online standalone will cost $4.99 until 21 February, when it will shoot up to $19.99. Speaking of Red Dead 2's narrative, the separate release for Red Dead Online will also allow players to unlock Red Dead Redemption 2: Story Mode.

If you were hoping to saving some space on your PC or console's hard drive then we have some bad news. Red Dead Online will be its own product that can be purchased separately. 10 more Bounty Hunter ranks are entering the mix, complete with new criminals to track and Prestigious level equipment and skills to earn. New Legendary Bounties and a 100 Rank Outlaw Pass will also be available, with Double XP on offer across all Bounty Hunter and A Land of Opportunity missions this week. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Red Dead Online will be playable via backward compatibility on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series hardware.

The Red Dead Online standalone game goes live on 1 December!

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