You can now schedule Google Assistant commands for smart lights

Ruben Fields
November 25, 2020

This function, as noted by Kavafian, also appears to be pending: "If for whatever reason [Google Assistant] misunderstands you and decides to turn your home into a disco in the middle of the night, there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel the request", he said, adding that "you can always ask it to turn the lights off a minute later".

Google Assistant now lets users schedule devices, including smart lights, to turn on and off at certain times with a "scheduled actions" feature. I've even been able to schedule events for the following day but haven't succeeded in scheduling them several days in advance. So, first, ask Google to cancel a scheduled action using one of the phrases below, then follow up by specifying exactly what you want to be canceled. The scheduled commands will also work with other smart home gadgets. For example, you can say, "Hey Google, turn on my coffee maker at 8 AM tomorrow". It's worth noting that outside of this new feature, Assistant routines can already schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times and under different circumstances, but scheduled Actions are a welcome addition because they make it easier to perform one-off tasks more casually. You can also use sunset and sunrise as triggers for the command. Or, if you still like the ability to fade your lights in and out, you can give Google a fade time: "Brighten my lights for 30 minutes", for example.

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A report by 9to5Google noted that the Scheduled Actions feature is only limited to smart home commands and routines and won't work to schedule actions such as playing music. However, early users have reported that the cancelling process is not very smooth. Finally, I can tell my bathroom lights to turn on and off for the time I'll likely be in there, rather than having to fuss with awkward dimming or mashing a physical button - which I always keep in mind to turn on, but sometimes forget to turn off. For instance, if you say "tomorrow" without mentioning a specific time, it will just acknowledge the command but do nothing.

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