Hitman 3 brings a new location- Chongqing, China

Ruben Fields
November 26, 2020

Plenty of exciting missions are waiting and IO Interactive's Glacier Engine will show the fine animations, improved lighting effects, and reflections.

The improvements don't end at shiny light bouncing though, as more than 300 ambient AI entities can be supported per level, giving you a frankly baffling number of NPC routes to memorize if you want to pull off the ideal assassination. The sequence showcased the Chongqing stage for the very first time as developer commentary explained some of the new graphical enhancements coming to the entire Hitman series on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

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In the teaser, we see Agent 47 wandering off the neon-lit streets at night, on his way to taking care of some people in a Chinatown known as Chungking. The visuals here are absolutely spectacular, something that all the Hitman games from the developer have managed to deliver on. The PS4 version of the game will have PSVR capability, but so far this hasn't been confirmed on PS5.

IO Interactive's partnership with Intel will give players the optimized version of the game on launch and beyond it. Surprisingly, though, ray tracing will be a feature of the game, but won't arrive until after the game has launched. As a result, upwards of 300 NPCs can appear on screen at once, guaranteeing Hitman 3 immerses players in a truly livelier world compared to the franchise's previous installments. Today's Hitman games are obviously bigger and more powerful than they've ever been, but the series has always been on the cutting edge. Hitman 3 looks to be pushing the envelope once again.

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